Silent Heart of Mine

Silent heart of mine
I did not intend to awaken
I thought I had you locked up tight
It seems I was mistaken
I've always felt your presence
With every thumping beat
I feel the love within you
But can't allow defeat
The last time you were broken
You almost took me too
So dark, lost and lonely
So much I'd put you through
It's why I made a promise
To myself and you my heart
Keep all that precious love inside
Then nothing could tear us apart
Whilst my head was on this mission
You my heart did deceive
No matter how hard I tried
I couldn't make you believe
You my heart I must keep safe
Yet no longer know what is right
Should I keep protecting you
From love's beautifully painful delight
You see hearts are made for loving
It's what they're supposed to do
The head it has the logic
But the heart it knows what is true

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