Silent Love

I found comfort in his silence,
Never knew that silence too can be so mesmerising.
Maybe he was special,because silence was a part of my life already.
His breath,his smile everything had an unique touch,
I got used to him.
And I was inside a story which was too good to be true.
And that made me feel scared,
That made me feel insecure.
But he was real in this fake world,
Where u never know whom to trust and whom to keep aside in your life.
He was someone to whom you can be yourself,
He was someone to whom you can be free,
He was my peace of mind.
I fell for him.
I fell for every little things he used to do for me,
I fell for how he cared about me,
Maybe because he was the one who noticed me in this crowd,
Who noticed that I needed someone to hold my hand though I was independent.
Who noticed that I needed guidance where I was guiding so many lives.
In this world full of negative thoughts,
He was my positive one,
He was my ray of hope.
We never had hours and hours of conversations,
But when I needed someone,he was always there without any delay.
And I got used to him.
But getting used to was an bad option,
As he came quitely in my life and went away like a strom.
And that strom destroyed my life, scattered all the reasons of mine to lead my life further.
And was again lost in the silence.
Yeah I founded comfort in his silence,
Bt now after him, my whole life was silent again, and dark and still kind of surrounded by HIM.
His silence was still echoing around me.

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