Silent Moon

The dense, black fog engulfs all hope,
The shivering bodies trying to cope...
With nothing in sight
But the gleaming, hallow black eyes,
Scream with piercing cries.
As he creeps on his tippy-toes,
Like a stray black cat,
Nobody knows...
Where has he gone?
He whispers softly in your ears,
He's back again to remind you of all your fears.
With intentions of ruling your soul for the night,
He will gaze through you with pure delight.
And with his icy, bitter breath,
You are watched from your bed alone.
His emotionless silhouette lingers at your door,
Because he is not satisfied, he's coming back for more.
Rattling bones and quivering spines,
His words are filled with deep lies.
That tell you of a happy place-
But where you are taken is a disgrace.
How will you get home?
Not in this Halloween twilight,
Not with this moon's dark light.
With a crooked smirk and charcoal fangs,
The moon has your soul to keep.

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