Silent Soul

Imagine growing up searching for the love of your parents!
Wondering why you were never good enough for them to change?
Imagine watching them throw their life away enjoying what they thought kept them alive.
Imagine that reason to stay alive, didn't include you!
Years went by as i watched them enjoy the presence of sugarcane than the presence of their child!
How could that be?
Imagine having parents but not having functional ones,
Not knowing when is your next meal, wearing the same clothes until its time to wear hammy downs as i would call them (other peoples clothes)
Isolated from the world, slowly became silent
A silent soul with so much to say!
Imagine having a lot to say with so many people around but no one to listen or actually care.
Just imagine how hurt you have to become to want to stay silent &
Silence your thoughts,
Silence your feelings,
Silence your dreams.
Just Imagine!

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by my father. Growing up every little girl becomes daddy\'s little girl, for me it wasn\'t so simple. Watching my dad lose the battle to drugs, just a few years passed away from an overdose. So not only did he die for what he truly loved, he never really cared to get better to become a better man or even a better father. Searching for the love of a parent is always tough especially when they choose someone that kills them over pushing forward for their kids for better.