Silent Tears

I sat here today Holding back my tears,
From the constant reminder of my biggest fear.
Loving someone who will eventually leave,
It seems each time they collect a broken piece.
Maybe it's me, I'm incapable to love,
Maybe it's the fact that I over think too much.
They can't seem to realize I am trapped in my mind,
I'm at war everyday, it gets harder to survive.
See the thoughts in my mind that's just the start,
They cannot compare to this broken heart.
How could something so empty be filled with such pain,
How could something so empty still have love to give away.
As you sleep peacefully i remain awake,
Youll never truly understamd how much love for you I gave.
But I know that in time this will all disappear,
Every scar and wound you made will slowly start to heal.
And my heart will soon be whole the way it was before,
Only then will you know what you've been searching for
Has been there all along with arms wide open,
As you start to realize you're the one who made her broken.
It will be too late and by then shell make it clear,
That you were the reason she held back every tear.

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