Silent thoughts

I need deep silence to cure my insanity.
I represent disparate faces of dichotomy.
Discarded from elusive moral imperatives.
Disappeared amidst ethereal perspectives.
Life is an iron mug of insipid coffee.
Antioxidant of corrosive society
ingesting dark and copious conspiracies.
Youth and happiness are impetuous beings;
injured expectations that obsess the livings.

Standardized inducement and perpetual fears,
Instigate vast conflict and influence careers.
Expresses slight grief and critics in any case.
Established you as constant owner of one place.
I composed an elegy towards the future.
If only refines ethics was the limpid cure;
To this constant void triggered by meager incomes.
Financial ropes hang life to rent ultimatums.
From Greek logic to Roman law institutions,
originates philosophies of assumption.
Core to this bewildered culture of consumption.
Remember! Never leave your ambition behind.
If reality doesn't suit you, then rewind.

Empirical to Capital.

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