Silent Voices

By Ayla   

Silent Voices

Why do we harm the weak, the hopeful
Why do we cause so much pain by not
listening to cries for help
Are we too scared to act, to extend a gentle hand
Are we waiting for Concrete Angels to fill the world
before we take a step to help, do we let people
lose their loved ones because they are trying to be
brave with lies

Are we ignoring the pain, for a blissful life
Why would we let those cries, those silent cries
go unanswered, when they are so strong
they lie to hide their pain when they really want
an escape, they want to be saved

We are to be saviors of those who call, who are in
pain, to rescue from torment
show them the love of the world, of humanity
We should not hide from the problems, the pain
of another, you might be their last chance
to be safe, to have love
Please listen to the calls and help those silent
voices that call from the depths of their soul,
and bring them to a safe home.

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