Silently communicate with your soul, mind, and body

Dear my soul, mind, and body, I love you all.
You may have some disharmony among yourselves.
You have to power to balance one another.
Do a good job.
Thank you.
I love my soul, mind, and body.
Balance and harmonize my soul, mind, and body.
I love my soul, mind, and body.
Balance and harmonize my soul, mind and body.
I love my soul, mind, and body.
Hao! Hao! Hao!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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This Poems Story

Balancing the Body, Mind and Soul Goals for the Mind – What am I aiming for? In order to balance the body, mind and soul, we need to focus on the mind and what it needs to have a positive influence on our state of being. Goals for the mind are: To develop your level of self-awareness of your personality To focus your mind on subjects that benefit you To learn to quieten the mind at will Purifying the Mind – How do I balance my mind? Universal Law of the Mind: Use the mind as a filter for the body and soul. The mind is an integral part of the body, mind and soul system. Messages are sent from the body and the soul and received and interpreted by the mind. Therefore, the mind is the filtering mechanism between the body and the soul. As we progress and release the illusions we live by, our mind becomes a clearer and more finely tuned filter, which brings us closer to becoming who we really are. And so becomes the challenge of our life experience: to master the mind. This is precisely why it is a life-long process. It is both our challenge and our purpose to use the mind to find balance in our body, mind and soul. You can learn to refine your filter and make your mind work for you (rather than against you!) in each waking moment by increasing your self-awareness and learning when to listen… The Quiet Mind – What is a quiet mind? If the mind is the filtering mechanism between the body and soul, then the filter will only filter properly if it is pure and free of debris. A proper filter will allow only what is needed to enter the space. Many thoughts we have are unproductive, based on illusion, habitual, scattered and unnecessary. When the mind is quiet, it is able to detect the subtle communication of the body, mind and soul. This is why we aim to quieten the mind. Meditation is the long-established practise of calming the mind and focusing in the present moment. Its aim is to help us to find our inner silence, peace and relaxation through focusing our thoughts. With practise, meditation helps to bring the body, mind and soul into alignment and allows us to live in flow with ourselves and with life. A common misperception of meditation is that it aims to clear the mind of thought altogether. This is actually impossible as the mind must focus on something. So the substance of meditation is really focused thought.