With sore throat; aching head and restless face,
Heart not heard; it didn't beat and all was pale.
Graved soul; hollow body and a mark of blood,
Faith dripping all above; feet were stud.
The oceans swayed but couldn't destroy a hair,
As the problem was big than ocean's dare.
Coffin was decorated with creepers of greys,
Inside flowers white and talks betrays.
The killer didn't used any knife or spade,
He got a perfect place to cut without a blade.
He killed so slowly; no one was reported,
Died the heart happily everything sorted .
The helpless sun couldn't shine much bright,
All ears of world became silent that night.
Peices of shattered love; were not as the white dove.
The wind that night shouted and swayed,
Jabbled the body, saplings prayed,
But the body didn't moved all was stuck,
Nor wishes worked neither luck.
Such a condition was replicable to none,
Irascible ache with thunder of gun.
Unconditional love, lost smile and joy apart,
This is all life became, after coming that far.....

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