Silently Social

Endless amounts of information at the click
of a button,
has created more controversy all of the sudden.
Left berates right with no common middle.
Right claims corruption and seeks to belittle.
Cheeky woeful jabs to create unnecessary division.
Prideful veiled intention of epic personal opinion
Silently social ideological battles.
It's a perspective, a mentality, a choice.
To refuse to aggravate differences and give
commonality voice.
Technology, media, even information is not at fault.
Hyper-focus of self, and division, lock half content
Millions of eyes glued to screens hoping for smallest
Sucking time, taking space, enlarging trepidation.
If comparison is the death of happiness,
why do we knowingly paint pictures that cause
chronic sadness?
Bigger, deeper, it's a choice to unite.
Society fueled by pride we'd sooner pick the fight.
Truth is, everyones plagued, insecure, a mess.
Except for me personally. Im really fine, at my best.

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