Toss and turning in my bed, I can’t rest
Covers halfway on the floor, my whole beds a mess
Fans on, yet still I’m covered in sweat
Thought I should walk & shmoke a blunt to relieve the stress.
A cold night, as I walk I can see my breath
Still it’s young, it’s only one. I know because I checked
My stress burns away up in shmoke because I shmoke the best
I start to feel better til behind me I hear some steps.
I look behind me & just stare into a dark abyss
Must have been an animal behind me that I missed
I been out late before, it doesn’t feel like such a risk
Kept walkin, shook it off, and gave my blunt another kiss.
I must’ve been too high, the sound of steps just started over
This time they made nervous cause they sounded much closer
I turn my head and only see darkness over my shoulder
Times like these I wish I had a gun up in a holster.
I walk faster, but the steps just start to match my pace
I just speed up until I’m runnin like I’m in a race
I felt breath on my neck that made all my hairs stand in place
I turn to see a silhouette chasing me with no face.
I try to scream, but all that came out was just frozen breath
I try again with the same result & a thumpin chest
I look again and see it’s inhuman, this silhouette
The closer it was the presence felt like enclosing death.
I ran faster, stumbling til I was falling down
Everything slowed, felt like minutes before I hit the ground
Gave up screaming, cause I knew there wouldn’t be a sound
I closed my eyes & into my fear I started to drown.
For seconds, there was nothing but silence and feeling strange
Then all of a sudden, I was engulfed in flames
I got up & started running, nothing seemed to change
I didn’t think to drop and roll distracted by the pain.
I ran home knowing my mom was sleeping on the couch
Banged on the door yelling, but mama didn’t hear me shout
The one time something more than strained breath spilled from my mouth
But it was no use, my life was fading without a doubt.
Woke up in my prison bed completely traumatized
No one noticed, but they’re asleep so I’m not surprised
Looked for explanations, but only one I could find:
The silhouette was my depression, just personified.

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