We sit in the same room
But seem miles apart
But I still wish we were closer.
Your words speak deep to me
Pictures form in the form of heartbreak
Two silhouettes dancing in the wind
Only to fall apart.
Sun sets to moon
Lovers break apart
And the world turns
Oh if I could change this cycle
But I am insignificant once again.
Maybe it’s time to call the troops home
Maybe it’s time to turn up with white flag
And go about it like it’s normal again
Shattered pieces glittering in the moonlight
Blood drops shine once again
From the battle from within
Two silhouettes dancing in the wind
Surrounded by moonlight and love
Slowly falling apart again
Maybe if things were dif erent
Maybe if she wasn’t like this
These silhouettes wouldn’t fall apart again.
They’d keep dancing
Like angels in a dream
Maybe if things would just be different
Sweet melodies fill the room
Surrounded by sad words and tears
I’ll be your muse
Your muse for broken hearted melodies
And you’ll be mine
For broken hearted words.
Sun sets to moon
Lovers break apart
Let’s not fall apart.

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