A poet lived in this vacant house
With window eyes staring out to the sea
The cobweb years, the spider's crawl
The walls that witnessed tears

Where is she now? A life has been lived
The silent room demands to know
Her body aches to dance again
and twirl across the floor

Ballerina, with withered legs
Crawling by daylight
Yet dancing in dreams
One big circle bringing her back
To this, the dawn house, of her dreams

I see her laughing, on the floor
Paints and pastels and flowers galore
Writing, and reading, and gazing at night
Running down, barefoot, to walk with delight
On that path of moonlight, leading off of the shore

Oh bright moon, where is she now?
Surely that demon, time, left some passion there
Can she find it again, that place inside
Where magic lives, and God abides

Let's kiss her brow, while she sleeps
Strewing daisies all around her now
Inside, her heart, small red glowing jewel
Has infinite power to blossom again

And when she wakes, in that strange new dawn
Throwing open the window to the sky
Let's hope she takes no long glance back
But rising, she climbs aloft, to fly
And letting go, she's off, taken wing!
Sailing fearlessly into the brilliant night sky

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This Poems Story

It is about revisiting a time/place in my life when I was at my most creative - writing, dancing, painting, etc. and reading the greats. I lived by the ocean, with a big window looking out to sea. Some nights the moon would create a path of moonlight on the water - it looked like you could just run out there towards the horizon. This poem is about creativity and passion, and how we never lose it if we get back in touch with our authentic selves.