Simone Faye

the peach reminded her of grandmother. As sweet nectar dripped down her lips she remembered. Grandmother's skin had become soft and fuzzy with age. Her legs so Edemic that she pictured her fingers sinking though the epidermis and popping it like a water balloon. When she last kissed grandmother she noticed that the woman had grown a soft set of facial whiskers that tickled her lips just like the peach. Her teeth sunk into the sweet peach and ripped the flesh from the pit meanwhile,she saw chunks of grandmother's flesh falling easily from the bone and sliding easily to the floor. An enormous beast sweltered in her stomach and she spewed chunks of the peach or her digested grandmother all over the kitchen sink. Wiping tears away, she wondered if her grandmother looks like a decaying peach underground riddled with worm holes or if she was just a pit... Then her pessimistic side got active and her logistic side became active too! So, a pit was really seeming pit-like or in humans it was skeleton-like absent of a body and brain but present of a spirit! So she would from now on refer to grandmother as an overly ripe peach in spirit and of her physical remnants on the earth it was just a pit...but maybe one day in the upcoming future with proper watering and proper angular rays of ultra violet sunny radiation also known as AKA sunshine she would grow into a bountiful peach-producing tree and find her role in the "infinite circle of life"

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