it used to be so simple,
the American way of life,
vacationing in a national park,
kids would walk to school,
play hide and seek till dark.

our homes would always be unlocked
there seemed to be no fear,
what happened to this country,
that we hold so dear?

bread was just ten cents a loaf,
gas was twenty-two,
kids respected parents,
God was still in school.

now every ones offended,
by the things you do or say,
running round with loaded guns,
blowing folks away.

now we can kill our children,
the day before their born,
does not life mean anything.
to us anymore?

yes, the children walked to school,
and pledged allegiance every day,
listened to the teachers,
and do just as they'ed say,

well, now it's all but over,
as we try to look ahead,
writing words and music,
to show that we're not dead.

so hears to all the minstrels,
keep writing and playing songs,
for we might the lucky ones, to see a brand new dawn.

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