Coursing through time in an independent study of knowledge.
Not many know what you can encounter yourself,
through the fields of mazes,
to the very end of the core.
Energy vibrations in the air, surrounding yourself,
and consuming your oxygen.
No ability to breath, inhale or exhale.
Your soul is stained,
from the pain, and anger you have endeared.
Lack of support from
family, and friends who actually care.
You're chained to this moist ground,
with shackles of steel, making each step forward...
hard to bare.
Mind racing with consuming thoughts that won't STOP.
Emotions all over the place, spilling out of your head,
blood is boiling, and the temperature of your body rising,
slowly releasing the adrenaline from your veins.
Life is not a fairy tale, my darling.
Simply life is life.
Full of love, joy, anger, and pain.

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