Simple Complexity

I take everything in and turn it complex.
I deduce everything down
Yet come out with some theory that doesn't make sense
To anyone but me, the person inside of my head
I cannot register a single thing in this reality
I'm sitting here processing this existence
But I can't even wrap my mind around emotions or gravity.

There's a picture, and in it is infinity.
I take it personally as my job to put that into words
To take the concepts and describe them.
But it's impossible, indescribable.
And saying it's "indescribable" is still describing it,
So words will never know.

But I can feel the heat, the weight, the depth of it all.
From the light and it's blanket over me
Dusk descending, dawn buoying me up
Or the glow of my computer as I write this
Creating an infinity in the way it shades my body, my hands
And everything around me.

I could never put any of this into words.
But that won't stop me from constantly trying.
Because that's what I do
I take everything in to simplify it, and make it complex.

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