Simple Grandeur

Each day I notice the world outside
In all it's beauty and natural pride,
But it's the simple things that most people miss
That makes this place a heavenly bliss.

Like the easiness of a gentle breeze
That lazily ripples the tallest trees,
Or the refreshing sound of a mountain stream
Flowing as vibrantly as a dream.

The early morning sprinkle of dew
Glistening alive as the day starts anew,
With the sweet smell of mimosa and rose
As the robin recites her elegant prose.

An evening sun setting its' fire
Blazing as hot as a heart's desire,
Yet giving way to the midnight sky
Filled with stars in the wink of an eye.

Or the look of a child so sweet
That even innocence skips a beat,
An angel with a future grand
With potential as vast as the desert sand.

Even the annual changing of seasons
Reminds us of life's simple reasons,
As the world itself completes its' cycle
Youth and age do both recycle.

Such simple truths of which we're fond
Are the ones so easily looked beyond,
Those moments in time with all their charm
That leave their mark upon a heart most warm.


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Reminiscing of childhood memories