Simple Joys & Miserable Truth

A tiny warm soft snuggly body.
Two sweet & kind beautiful green eyes.
With mortal bodies that die.
An innocent kitten or puppy.
Or a fluffy white or grey bunny.
Next to my head on my pillow.
Through the window you can see the meadow.
Not having family with to eat meals.
Low class poverty is a life that's real.
A paycheck of 9.00 an hour doesn't heal.
Cursed days time endlessly deals.
Pity is misery forever to feel.
Money has to be earned you can't steal.
I never had a chance to spin fortune on a wheel.
The music box plays a sleepy tune.
The ceiling had colorful balloons.
A nap with Bo Bo in the afternoon.
Silence & coldness throughout the room

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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