Simple Words

I listen to the words you speak, so delicate and fragile -
Not with my ears, but with my heart.
As if at any given moment they will crumble upon the floor
If I do not listen from the moment you start.
My eyes: fixed on your words as if I could see them,
As if I can taste them; sweet poison on my tongue.
I'm left spellbound now from your whispered magic.
Right in my ear your song was sung.
And I know my heart is with me, here in my chest,
But in your hands I feel it beat.
And I gladly surrender it there, to your mercy;
I'd lay it out right at your feet.
For those few simple words you whisper to me,
They resonate through me - they echo loudly.
Just once glance and I feel it now.
I know I'm sure; I feel it proudly.
And I whisper the words to myself; my new mantra
As the pounding grows inside, trying to break through.
I close my eyes and listen - the drumming is strong -
It's my heart:leading me home to you.

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