Simply Suess “Today you are you”

"Green eggs and Ham" my favorite rhyme
it corners a simple point in time
when all was good and hearts held droll
when the words had meaning and the writers soul
I cheer them on these writers wrongs
The wolf, the pigs and Dinah's bong
I sail close to words with heart
whether prose or rhyme its the greats I chart
so simple are the words they speak
a letter, a symbol, not much to tweek
Yes, it corners just that point in time
when being good was not a crime
when genuine banter then cooled the hearts
along side of the pie and the apple tarts
So what likes do our children have of rhyme?
Is it zombies,death,blood and crime
I sob now for these writers wrongs
they write not of the bluebirds songs
I cherish this rhyme "Green eggs and Ham"
Now we should write for our children...
but would they give a damn

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