I fell out of love so long ago so; I’m not really hurt

Slowly, slower than
what seemed like reality, could notice
These manageable pieces were chipped away
A noble sacrifice on behalf of one part of the whole, no really noble
Each piece landed on the true scale
But far from view because alone the pieces were light enough for reassurance
Weight being the only necessary measure
She built a castle and filed it to the top with every hope and ambition
He helped her build her castle
He left out the part where the castle was built being built with glass
He knew that if he used glass to build her up it would be sturdy enough that she couldn’t tell the difference
The pieces just kept falling off
When she was asked why she was missing so many pieces
It was because others didn’t understand her nobility
Words are invisible
When strung together tight enough they almost seem concrete
She saw concrete
She could not see through it especially not from inside the house love built
One day she decided to go outside for a walk
A piece fell from the sky and landed in her head
Usually when a piece fell it was carefully put under the beautiful rugs that adorned the house floor
She never had to think about a piece for too long
But she couldn’t get this one out of her head she ran back inside the house
Tiptoeing as though she was a stranger
Slowly but not too slow
She lifted and swept them all up, one by one she collected
She hid them in her head
She started to see how unmanageable they seemed when showcased in this way
Her head laid heavy, but she could still lift it to admire what they had built
A marvelous concrete castle filled to the top with every hope and ambition
He picked out such beautiful rugs for her and built this amazing structure
It’s as if the pieces that filled her head were intended to coexist with support from the light of the sky
This pull lead her to let go away
The pull took careful control and guided her outside of the house
In the exact moment that her head hit the light shining down
The pieces snapped her head upwards and turned her towards the house
The true scale was in full view
She could see through it she could see through the invisible house
The rugs had nothing to hide
She reached into her head with the strength of the light
Lifted and brought together all of the pieces
It was the heaviest thing she’d ever lifted, it’s a good thing she didn’t have to lift it alone
The hardest thing was what came next
She soaked up as much sun as she could until she was strong enough to take what was lifted and hurl it into the house
As all of the pieces fell to the ground
She was faced with the weight of her destruction
He didn’t know what to do
He thought she could never unstring what love built
He thought his invisible work would always hold her
The beauty of the rugs was worth overlooking a few meaning less pieces
He wondered where the pieces came from since none of his ever had to fall
Noble or naive a love that was felt but never given equilibrium
In that instant slowly but not too slow she turned around and walked away

Actually, I’m Hurt

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