Looking deep into my eyes
She said nothing happened
Without knowledge I already knew
Since when did a friend's words become false?

He spoke so gently, so true
As he said "I love you"
Flowing from his mouth as easy as breath inhaled
How did love become impure?
Since when has love represented secret intentions and impure desires?

He swore by life to serve and protect
Gathering secrets for personal agenda
If life is not great enough, then all will swear by the moon.
Since when did man use oath to cause fellow man's downfall?

Brought up to hold back truth
Grown to lie to save one's hurt
Since when were shields built with untrue remarks?

By this I tell you
Every thought tears my soul
I've come to speak otherwise
I give you my tongue and may you listen closely to my thoughts
And hear that "You are beautiful."

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