Sincerely, the Unorthodox Little Girl

Fitzgerald, my sincerest apologies
I have entirely let you down and failed to be
"The best thing a girl can be"
My angelic face, once glossy and porcelain,
Has been bruised, battered, burned
All that remains is the skeleton of a warrior
Composed of broken bones, covered in grimy dirt
My luscious locks, once a silky golden mane,
Were ruthlessly teased by the wind until they succumbed
Into a vivacious sea of tangles and frizz
My best friend, once the man i worshipped,
Locked me in a sparkly dollhouse; Glass pierced my feet
As my slippers shattered, while I ran from my prince
I am by no means your textbook definition of
"A beautiful little fool"
Fitzgerald, truly, really, my deepest regrets
I should've just aspired to be all that you believe
"the best thing a girl can be"
I should've tied back my hair with sickly-pink ribbon
Perfectly looped into a noose
I should've let the doctor cut into my face
As if I was a jack o'lantern on Halloween
I should've mixed glue into my cherry red lipstick
To keep my lips pasted shut
Fitzgerald, I have failed you; I'm no beautiful fool
I guess now being myself will have to suffice

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