I wish I had that glow
That carefree light
No worries were seen
No worries in sight
Struggle and strife are strangers or less

I wish I had that glow
Of a life so blessed

It's not of masses or majority rule
That this glow exists, it is among few
One of the reasons it is so special and rare
But I see it and wish I, too, could be there

See what attracts me to this isn't the few and the scarce
What attracts me is the hearts that of these few share
One of love and delight and joy to be here
For mine is of their kind,

Happy for life to endlessly love and share a great light
With honesty, compassion, caring and love
To help and have and hold all of us
But strangely I have not fallen with the few
For I am.
Stuck, inbetwixt, in a world, among creatures,
Who are, at all times,

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