Sincerly Yours

Sinserely yours,
I write these words for pure destraction,
Never thought in a million years,
I would get a retraction,
All i can imagine is what could have happen,
could have should have is all i see in passing,
What if,
Is my main destraction,
for a moment i got my wish,
Now just time is passing,
caught up in a drift,
like a mist from splashing,
seems like it was a myth ,
or something imagined,
True love can be missed if you walk right past it,
to busy making rifts instead of making lasting,
memories do excite some are everlasting,
take time to get a grip while we still can gasp it,
time dont stop or miss so be ready for action,
keep your head up and ready,
its easy to pass them,
be passionate in every action,
motivation to be reactive,
positivity can make it happen,
are the haters see is hate i imagine,
sinserly yours,
eternal happiness

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