Is it a crime, to love the poison we inject into our souls ? Are we wrong to break down the formula and ask where the toxins came from ? When did life decide to turn certain things of life into certainties of death ? When did we make toys of this deadly force and decide our lives were the perfect training fields ? How can you love and embrace all of everything if most of what once was, is now nothing but sweet torture to our tired souls ? Can we choose something other than the safe road of emptiness or the dangerous road of destruction ? Is there a middle ground ? Is there a safe place for us somewhere or are we destined to a doomsday made up of good intentions and dark alleys ? When we go will we be made up of pure hearts but demented minds or empty hearts and empty eyes ? My hands are stained with blood but my eyes never saw the wounds of from which it came. My heart still convinced that none of the monsters I’ve gotten too close to could be the culprits. My soul still so sure that these monsters are just men made broken by a business where little boys never make it out the other end without a demon strapped to the back of their minds. Whispering in the ears of my lovers to hurt the sweet smile that teases the offer of a softness they are not permitted to succumb to. Because evil takes no hostages to just release them to love. You either submit and turn your soul into a soldier or turn your softness into icebergs set in place amongst a sea of creatures that carry the familiar faces of schoolchildren we once roamed the unknown with. Slowly, over time, we forget what we once looked like and drown what we started as. As young and innocent and open. Because none of our roots make for good evil. Those seeds were planted by the Devil and watered down by denial until we drowned in the abyss. May we one day find the light switch or better, find the exit. Because who wouldn’t want to break through the darkness and rediscover life with the lights on.

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