Sinful Remedy

By ari   

oh lips,
so soft as ever,
burnt my tongue as the alcohol wavered
while his arms ---strong;
it wrapped around my fragile waist,
I then lose my stand ---my legs
oh what weakness.

with two souls walking,
tumbling, side by side,
the night gave me shivers
with an unexpected warmth
as two souls collide
what a dream this appears to be, maybe just like in a movie,
away from reality?

why do lips become so sinful
for something so delicate and tame?
not much for words, but heard within each mumble.

why are they innocent as ever?
as it appears that
I have now tasted the devil?
in the same breath,
no one knows such pause,
no one wants to break the spell.
oh it’s not a surprise,
---I’m going to hell.

no one ---except them and the shadows know why their hands latch,
no one saw how their lips lied and craved,
maybe, I don’t know if it’s lust or just the atmosphere
maybe we’re just caught up in a rough patch.

the darkness will be our only witness in sight to this silent tragedy,
I solemnly confess,
that kiss, that night,
was another
sinful remedy.

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