Sinfully Beautiful

Where I’m from the grass shines green,
More beautiful than the brightest jewel,
At least it was,
Not anymore,
It’s a mellow yellow now,
Trodden all over by the feet of time.

Where I’m from,
The sky glows blue,
So blue,
It draws us out of our caves,
So blue,
It makes us laugh and sing,
As we sit underneath the vast blue sky,
We forget.

Where I’m from,
The sun glimmers gold,
So gold,
It hurts to look at,
But I shan’t think bad of the rays of gold,
Because they provide us warmth,
And what is pain to the warmth of family?
What is pain to love?

But where I’m from,
The rain does fall,
For hours on end,
And the earth,
How she drinks so greedily,
I cannot fathom.
How can she?
How dare she?
Where the kids are sick,
Where the flowers shrivel up and die,
Where they try to fight
But they fight in vain,
Because how can you fight time?

And so the adults sigh,
Because they’re tired,
They were supposed live in the world,
But now the world lives in them.
As the rain falls,
Harder each time.
Even god cries for us.

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