Singing in the dark

I am sitting alone in the dark night.
As I am watching the starry night sky,
I am wishing that you were here beside
me and watch the beautiful diamonds
above together.

Having you from far away was like a
lifeless music that was played everyday.
How I wish that this loneliness will come
to an end, and replaced by the dancing of

If only the piano will turn into a ride, I
would gladly travel just to have you by my
side.And if only the keys can be my stairway,
I would climb to your tower to be with you.

Oh, my sweet lullaby!
When will you come to me?
So that this empty room in my heart will
be filled with happiness again.
So that this lifeless song will change into
a lovely rhythm.
So that I won't have to be alone anymore!

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