Singing With the Dust in The Wind

My life became a living Hell the day the call came;
Since Dad's life ended it's not the same,
Never listened until his voice made no sound;
No love after his heart wasn't around,
All alone I can feel him in the air;
Every step stood up a hair,
He told me he'd be gone soon;
To be strong I'll see him on the moon,
Pain's never felt we'll spend forever;
He'd be dust in the wind singing where ever,
I sing along as the wind blows;
My dad's song only he knows,
The dust in the wind;
I'd hear the song he will send,
The day I watched he had to let go;
Fighting hard he refused to say no,
Dad was strong far to long;
Alone in the wind blowing a song,
As I sing with the dust in the wind;
Helping my soul mend.
This is for you Dad until we meet again;
I'll be blowing with you and the dust in the wind

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