Single Mother or Superhero

Here’s what I think she looks like. In fact, here’s what I think ALL single struggling mom looks like.

She looks like a damn hero.

She looks like a woman with wisdom in her eyes. Wisdom that was birthed through pain and fear and doubt and success. She looks tired. She questions every move she makes. She’s confident. She has children following her everywhere she goes, like a mother duck with her ducklings at the pond. She looks like a frazzled mess.

She wears stained yoga pants and holey t-shirts. She never showers and slaves away each day to work, cook, clean and raise children. She dresses up and does her make-up to just fell like a person again. She’s never alone and loses herself so her kids can be themselves and have the best lives mommy can give them by herself.

She has a sparkle in her eye that can only come from the love of her child. She glows. She radiates grace and patience. She loses her temper and has break downs and falls into her bed each night sure she’s not perfect but she not the one who is in the wrong. She works and struggles with childcare expenses and housing expense and fear of failure.

She’s beautiful. She’s brave. She’s strong.

And she doesn’t have to fit your stereotypes. She doesn’t have to prove who has it harder or better. She shouldnt have to beg family of children for help. Shes not asking for pity party She doesn’t have time for that. No matter what got her here, raising babies on her own, she is in this mom thing forever. Shes their Superhero

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I am a single mother.