I know you, and you know me;
You and I are a single entity.

We’ve watched each other grow,
We’ve done things that only the other could possibly know.

My friend, my confidant, specially linked to my soul,
It seems that hiding our feelings is our only goal.

Together we run as deer,
Side by side, but the hunters fear.

Do we walk in such a fashion?
That it’s clear to see our carefully disguised, fiery passion?

When you leave my side, I shatter;
When you are gone, thoughts of you are constant chatter.

I can’t stand to be apart,
You’ve mentioned before, that it destroys your heart.

I refuse to ignore our connection any longer;
We’ve pushed it aside, but it grew so much stronger.

You are me, and I am you;
We are one— never two.

We tried once before, but we were young;
We didn’t fully understand that our souls were actually strung.

Our minds are one, intertwined.
We could be together, outside of space, eluding time.

Isn’t it worth that chance?
We would be forever, left alone to love and dance.

Can’t you see, best friend, how I feel?
Do you not get that I’m ready to make the final deal?

We will live forever young,
Until our song has been sung.

Together our bodies shall grow old,
Until our story has been told.

After death, we will go on to eternity
As one, a single entity.

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