Sinister’s Ballad

It wasn't right; I know that. I knew it when I started it.
It was just a little get-back-game for gently throwing me aside.
I told you you'd regret it.

When he first got here, and he caught me watching him,
Inside my chest, he lit a flame.
"I bet your father doesn't know everything about you," he said.
That's when I decided to use him to cause you pain.

It was just an experiment. It was a snake I had to let out, to free.
It was just a game. If the snake kills, you can't blame it on me.
I told you you'd regret it.

Blood on my sheets-- I hung them out so you could see the evidence.
Tell me, did it break your heart to find that someone you trusted
Could come and take my innocence?

I didn't know you'd hurt him; I didn't know he'd hurt you too.
I didn't know he'd still want me.
And when he kicked your ailing body, I couldn't take it.
I pushed him out the window and hoped to God he'd stop breathing.

I only got what I gave. Sickness took you away.
These games are only fun until someone dies.
the sickness seized me as well, sent my intentions to Hell
With your spirit and all of our lies.

I lit a fire to your body. the house burnt down with just one flame.
I laid with you 'til it rose to your room. I climbed out the window.
God, now I regret this game.

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