Tonight, I want to say something wonderful
For the left-handed people who can adapt
to a world full of left-sided thinkers. The ones

who can navigate with all the specially opposed tools,
like the ones made standard for the 90%. I prefer
their open-mindedness, abstract, creative, those kinds of thinkers,

The ones who can use a can-opener
backward or flip scissors upside-down just
to cut. The ones who twist their paper or hands gracefully

to write beautiful things. The ones who learn
to use a mouse with their flimsy palm, while
they search on their computer for left-handed poets.

They are the truly special ones who change the world.
That’s why I want to say something astonishing
Like: Sinistrality, a graceful glove that is worn

on the opposing hand, those destined to be struck down
by the back-hand of a culture that doesn’t understand
what it really means to think with a right-sided brain.

Those few special beings have always impacted the world
The greatest minds, the greatest hands, the ones like
Napoleon Bonaparte, who strategically learned

To lead with his dominant hand as a guide to conquer
and rise to be great. Leonardo da ’Vinci who had the creator’s
gift bestowed upon his left hand. To write, paint, and create awe.

Jimi Hendrix, a guitar God, played upside down, but not wrong.
Mozart, Bill Gates, Aristotle, Leo Messi, Babe Ruth
Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Picasso,

Ben Franklin, Darwin, Newton, Einstein, Marie Curie,
Helen Keller, Joan of Arc, Queen Victoria, Oprah,
Honestly, the list could go on and on and on…

But instead, let us praise them for being so inclined
to change the world by diverging their minds.
Ode to Sinistrality, ode-to the right-thinking kind.

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A poem for left-handed beings