Sinking Into Oblivion

I feel like a lost ship in a stormy ocean-
defenseless, friendless.
Deaf ears are all around.
The tears I shed flood the water around me
that will surely lead to my demise.
Sinking lower and lower, beneath
the dark depths of a dark empty pool.
No light in sight, and no hand to
extend and pull me from the swell.
The friendly faces that once were
are faded and jaded, unrecognizable.
You should be so proud.
Do you stand taller now than
the rest of the fleet? Surely when
you look in the mirror, you must.
Envious of your visions, I am not
disrupted by the wall of water I am.
And you're afraid of what, lone sailor-
A forbidden ocean? You are unjust,
but too proud to recognize
the weakness within yourself.

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