Sinner's Paradise

All i am 
Is what i went thru
Go to hell 
Is what ive heard

Deep down i feel pain
Im not the only one with disdain
What is it like to be hated
What is it like to feel left alone

All alone
I see no light
My reflections console me
More than you ever could

They live they laugh they cry
Brought up in a family
Just like you

But why was i treated different
Classes, the rich the poor
Does my color tell me who i am
Does my status tell me what i become

I died
No one did care
Everyone was sure id make it to hell
Even i was sure
All the stealing did fill my belly
I was ready to face the consequence

I was greeted by many
All smiling
I never knew why
Where was the pain
Where was the torture i was warned of
Why is hell so better than heaven

They said
Welcome to sinners paradise
Hell was never hell
It was meant to be help
All was not done
I found a new meaning

I was never bad for myself
It was my everything that made me a something
I never knew
What i  needed wasnt torture
But rather help

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