Sinner’s Song

Demons tearing at my mind
Stealing my choice of right & wrong
Solace turns into anguish
As I'm consumed by the sinners song
I close my eyes tightly
So the world will disappear
But blindness seems obsolete
Even in the darkness, the despair is clear
Whispers from the hallway
Chanting a thousand strong
Calling for me to dance with them
To the rhythm of the sinners song
Madness seems so normal
The fear is fading, fading fast
The voices pull me deeper in
The spell has been cast
The lady in black grabs my hand
Grinning as she pulls me along
The walls of the hallway echo
To the tune of the sinners song
There's a new day dawning
On this world drenched in flame
There's an empty portrait in the mirror
To reflect what I became
If this is where you want to be
If this is where you belong
Then take my hand & follow
While I sing you the sinners song

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