Sins and Virtues Chapter One

Covered in darkness wearing a veil of evil the bride stands before her groom and a vile host of wedding guests. The heat and hate that filled the air was so thick that they all choked on it. Baffled and amazed that Lust the biggest slut ever was about to be wed to Greed. Everyone watched with anticipation as a union of sin was joined in unholy matrimony. The words that flowed from the mouth of Pride the priest cut through the air like swords. "Disgustingly wicked
we have come together in the presence of demonic forces to behold the joining of this devil and slut in unholy matrimony. This band and covenant of marriage was established by evil in darkness. Lust will you have Greed to be your husband; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you obey him, lay with him and fulfill his sexual desires as long as you both shall live?" With the flames of hell burning in her eyes Lust answers "I will". "Greed will you have Lust to be your wife; to live together in the convenant of marriage? Will you supply and adorn her with riches as long as you both shall live?" With a twinkle in his eyes that sparkles like gold Greed answers "I will". "The bride and groom may kiss". As their lips touched their wedding guests were as silent as a corpse. Turning her back to the wedding guests Lust throws a bouquet of Poisn Ivy and Venus Flytraps over her head. Stepping in front of Sloth Envy snatches the bouquet out of the air.
Written by Keith Edward Baucum

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