Sins and Virtues

Lust - The wife of Greed and the mother of Anger. Lust is
a prostitute and a slut. Her husband Greed is her pimp.
Lust has an affair with Hatred and becomes pregnant. She
gives birth to Anger. Lust and Envy are best friends.

Greed - The husband of Lust, the older brother of Envy,
and the stepfather of Anger. Greed is Lust's pimp. Greed
is a pimp, gangster, corrupt politician, and a dirty businessman.
Greed is Pride's right hand man.

Anger - The son of Lust and Hatred, the stepson of Greed, and the
half brother of Cruelty. Anger is best friends with Ignorance.

Envy - The younger sister of Greed and the mother of Cruelty.
Envy has a fling with Hatred and becomes pregnant. She gives
birth to Cruelty. Envy is best friends with Lust.

Darkness - The name of the country where the story takes place.

Love - The wife of Loyalty, the mother of Kindness, and the older
sister of Truth. Love is a humanitarian and a healer. She is
raped by Hatred.

Loyalty - The husband of of Love and the father of Kindness.
Loyalty is a soldier and a warrior. He gets revenge on Hatred
for raping Love.

Kindness - The daughter of Love and Loyalty. She is the niece
of Truth.

Eternity the name of the main continent in which the story takes

Hatred - The father of Anger and Cruelty. Hatred has an affair
with Lust. She becomes pregnant and gives birth to Anger. He
also has a fling with Envy. She becomes pregnant and gives birth
to Cruelty. Hatred rapes Love. Hatred is a cold calculated killer,
an assassin, and a terrorist.

Infinity - The name of the planet which the story takes place in.

Pride - He is a monarch who ruled over all the sins.

Truth - The husband of faith, the younger brother of Love, and the
uncle of Kindness. Truth gets revenge on Hatred for raping Love.

Knowledge - The younger brother of Wisdom and Understanding.

Cruelty - The daughter of Envy and Hatred. Cruelty is the half sister
of Anger.

Understanding - The brother of Knowledge and Wisdom. Understanding
is a teacher.

Wisdom - The older brother of Knowledge and Understanding.
Wisdom is a monarch who rules over all the virtues.

Sloth - The wife of Gluttony and the mother of Ignorance.

Gluttony - The husband of Sloth and the father of Ignorance.

Ignorance - The son of Sloth and Gluttony. Ignorance is blind.
He is best friends with Anger.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The Brown Philosopher aka
The Green Poet aka Red Seven

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