Sins Fate

Darkened remnants of times well passed.

An ominous feeling, a spell well cast.

(Creeping Charlie) growing in the windows' shade.

A little less envious, the light begins to fade.

You can hear the floorboards of your mind creaking.

A faceless thing is in their sneaking.

So terrified your mind won't even let you twitch.

While the boogeyman finds your scratch and itch.

He hears your soul begin to breathe.

Holds fast, won't let your thoughts leave.

A hold is placed on your eternal being.

You thought the light was what you would be seeing.

Now you know things aren't what they seem.

In the deep darks' cold hard staring moonbeam.

You've lost the fight, may as well give in.

Consequential from a life lived full of sin.

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