From beneath the waves she called to me
“Come here,” she sang in my ears
“Come so I may hold you.
And sing to you all the lullabies of the sea.”
And as she broke the surface, she was so beautiful.
All shades of green and hues of blue
She looked so warm with the sun beaming on her.
“Come here. Come here. Come home.”
So breathtaking she was!
How could I resist?
But ah! Like the sea she haunted
She was cruel and cold.
She stole the the air from my lungs,
And left them raw and burning from her salt.
And she tore me apart
From skin to bones.
My body begged for land.
My heart yearned for her.
And when she was done and satisfied,
She left me alone on the seafloor
And as the last bits of light faded
I heard her song once more.
Singing out to someone else
To lure them off the shore.

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