I walked barefoot lonely, from land to land,
wrest pins and chords, they led my path,
amazed by aubades when they painted my sky,
lost in the cerulean, cyanic and sapphire.

I followed the foam, between sand and the sea,
and I huddled silently, hugging my knees.
I talked like a blatherskite, with my heart broke,
tried to stick the pieces, with some shells and sun.

I fell with the rain and I froze in the glaciers,
I waited for death, to finally face her;
but then I listened, amid the endless noise,
a canorous song from someone’s tender voice.

If life is a dream, I want my eyes open,
I will follow the sun, to see everything golden.
I believe that an angel, can lend me some wings,
so I can fly with you, from this land of kings.

I’ll remain quiet, immerse in the sprawled silence,
and eavesdrop with patience the song of the sirens.
I’ll swing with you and the waves, here in this moment,
because time is just air, trapped in the foaming.

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