Sirens’ Lament

weaving through my heart
her song calls to me
binding my very soul
with enchanting melody
as temptation breeds
its foul spawn
night shall not forsake
the first rays of dawn
I am held to this path
by her alluring eyes
forever haunting me
are the words she cries

come to me my darkest love
together we shall be
far from the world above
in the void of eternity

I fall into the depths
with undying clarity
unto the cold embrace
of my only verity
I am nothing if not less
than what she makes
in her absence
my spirit aches

with me my hopeless one
your pain will cease to be
far from the burdens above
in the void of eternity

her touch enslaving
almost too much to bear
I would sacrifice my life
to release her despair

stay with me my only one
forever it will be
far from the world above
in the void that is me

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