Sistas Got Power

“Sistas Got Power”

Black women are the mothers of the earth
Shoutout to our moms thank you for our date of births
I know it hurt
Y’all are strong even when you feel weak
I know it feels like there’s 14 days in a week
But take your time and you’ll be just fine
We got your back and you’re always on our minds
Thank you for smiling
And when I see you crying
Think about how you feeling on the inside
Your face is your emotional blinds
Just know that the brothas on your side
We all want you to be alright
In this fight we call life

I like your thick lips meant for a great kiss
Ya thick bridged nosed to match your cheekbones
Plus your melanated skin that’s been blessed by the sun
Your beauty makes others come and you make life a lot of fun
So this is to show appreciation
You made it from coronations to plantations
And still found a way for us to make it
Your shoulders carried nations
Girl you deserve a damn vacation

Take it easy on yourself cause the world is against you
You got strength in your physical and mental
Can do anything that men do
Keep doing what you do
Don’t let em sweat or press you
That’s more stress make em impress you
Reach inside your temple and settle
We already know that your special
You a permanent queen not a rental

Respect like Aretha Franklin
Girl I know what you thinking
Ya crowns getting tilted cause all your haters wanna feel it
Trust y’all gotta help each other up
Not fight get through the darkness so one day you’ll see the light
Men don’t need the b.s. tell us to leave we just might
Let us do our roles and fulfill our purpose
To the women going through it I hope you heard this

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