Sister Ship

This night I find myself unable to sleep,
because I've sailed my ship away from the fleet.
Away from my sister ship I've sworn to protect,
as if I've let this tree's roots grow far too thick.
But when I devote my time and effort,
I am not seeking fame or treasure.
Only to ensure we avoid stormy weather,
so we can all make it home safely together.
Now that we navigate into the darkness,
an unease permeates the crew I cannot harness.
A silence rolls across the wooden deck,
as our sister ship becomes a distant speck.
While many men gather on the stern,
I see in their faces collectively stomachs churn.
All I can say men is that we'll be fine,
even though I don't know if it's true in my mind.
Strong morale and loyalty is key to a captain,
so I must act as if this tree has become a sapling-
a sapling with shallow roots and easy to move,
even as captain I know this not to be true.
Our sister ship is now gone and beyond our view,
but I trust her captain and should something happen,
anything will I do.

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