Six little roses

By Pepu   

Dad drove off
And mom were you afraid?
Did he leave a letter,
About his six little roses ?
Was it your little secret ?
Mastering to fare without your anchor
And you dared not pray tell
You too decided to go on vacation
Ooh mom!
What about the roses?
Did the tank run dry?
Mercy cries out loud
For one who came first she knew thirst
“Oh you hush now, i’m with the angels now”
So you whisper from the heavens
Larry takes the preachers podium
Seeking revelation from Revelations
“How deserted lies a city once so full of people”
How could Lamentations have guessed so right?
Pepu is still stubborn as ever
His pen hums a sombre song
Heedless of the sleeping angels
Tachi substitutes ginger ale for tranquilizers
But grief cuts beyond any sedative or stupor
Jane tries to laugh through tears
A little clock in her hands
Only to miss u every second that counts
Tick tock tick tock
Does time heal?
Allan can't grasp it all
To shut the eyes seems the only escape
But the mind sees more clearer in the dark
All like a dream but it's real
Oh mom
Was it seek and hide the previous May?
Coz today is May of another year

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This Poems Story

When my dad passed away my mom shattered as she was took upon her to make sure we got all the love and emotional support. Years later she also passed away and the whole world crushed on me and my sibblings