Six Months


It's been six months since I've been in this darkness.
Six months since I felt the sunlight linger on my skin.
I had grown used to the sound of your breathing.
Now, this ghostly silence is all I've been hearing.
Six months ago, I was yours, and you were mine.
You were my husband, and I was your wife.
Now I'm a widow.
Dressed in black from head to toe.
My heart stopped beating the day you turned cold.
The virus infected your body, but it took my soul.
You were a prism that shattered light into a rainbow.
Now the world has turned dark and cold.
Black and white;
there is beauty in a monochromatic life.
Yet I can't find it in this endless night.
The moon is beautiful,
but I crave the sunlight.
I still dream of you,
cause dreams are the closest I can get to you.
When the moon creeps in, I'm with you.
But then dawn breaks, and you fade away.
Had I known that you would take your last breath,
six months from today;
I would have spent every second awake with you.
If only I could go back...six months from today.

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