Six Years

You smile at me from across the room and I just roll my eyes.
Pretend to not notice or act annoyed when secretly I want you near me.
For six years our friendship has strained since you never knew how to act.
Always pushing my buttons to get a reaction out of me, but now I think you figured it out.
Found your way back into my heart and thoughts, yet my conviction sticks true.
You can get close to me, but not allowed to touch since still you're confused.

Since one moment you act like you want to kiss me and the next you can't stand me.
Stirring feelings inside your world you never thought were true until I opened the door.
But you'll never see me standing on the other side again because that ship sailed.
All I can offer you is friendship even when some times all I want is to punch you in the face.

Every single day all I hear is my name rolling off your lips as you smile widely.
From the moment you watch me walk in through the door to the moment I stand still spacing out.
I can feel your eyes observing every movement I make, trying to read what mood I'm in.
You surprise me at times with the words you say and other times it comes to be expected.
Yet no matter what game you're trying to play, all I have to offer is friendship in the end.

Because one moment you act like you want to hug me and the next you're off kissing ass.
Trying your best to fit into the world you believe turned it's back on you when it never did.
You bring misfortune upon yourself and blame everyone else except for the source of your actions.
I try my best to open your eyes to the truth and you see it at times, but still you act dumb.

You keep bringing up the past while I live in the present each time we get a chance to talk.
Walking down memory lane we had some good and some bad times through the years we've known each other.
Yet you confuse me in this mind game you play since I can't read what move you're going to make.
Can't tell if you want me deep in your life or if I'm just another pawn for you to throw away.

'Cause you act like you're in love with me then the next moment you say I'm the one dreaming.
For six years this charade has been ongoing with no sign of stopping since you keep me close.
Always a shoulder to cry on I've become to you and possibly a best friend yet I see differently.
To me you're just another person I've come to know, but at the end of the day I still call you a friend.
But that's all you'll ever be since you'll never win my heart even after six years down the road...

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This Poems Story

This came about thinking about one of my friendships with a guy who I used to have a crush on and how he currently acts around me.