Sixteen/Seventy Two

By Bec   

Sixteen is electric, with neon emotions & bright vibes.
It’s singing 2009 R&B songs at the top of your lungs alongside your best friends.
It smells like teen spirit- fall football games & fresh soda pop at a nearby market.
It tastes like cherry chapstick & boys who dont know how to kiss
those same boys shaded by your heart-shaped sunglasses.
It feels like jean jackets & the precious purr of a new car.
Sixteen feels timeless- despite its actual ephemerality, it feels like forever-
like nothing else matters, like you’re infinite.

Seventy two
Seventy two is sickly paleness.
It's the constant beep of a hospital monitor &
the aroma of preheated hospital food.
It tastes like brown sugar oatmeal with blueberry seasoning.
Seventy two is foreign, like a stranger is staring at you in the mirror
touching your wrinkles, scars, stretched out tattoos
It feels like contentment. It feels like the end but being okay with that.

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